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Rainbow lake | Minimarg | Gilgit Baltistan

 Rainbow lake is situated in minimarg valley Astor, a beautiful lake surrounded by beautiful lush green meadows. It's a small lake in diameter, but its beauty is fabulous and soul-touching and the green mountains around the lake make it even better, one more beauty is that fresh streams join the lake from nearby mountains, and it looks even more attractive.  The distance from the main chillum valley check post is almost 15 kilometers, but it takes a long time due to rough roads.  So you should hire a 4×4 vehicle along with a fully trained driver because the road is not that easy to drive through, secondly, if you are driving the vehicle you can't enjoy the beauty of the place. So if you plan to visit this place you should do complete homework and gather complete information about the minimarg area, it's because the pass (Burzil Pass) which one has to cross, remains closed 7 to 8 months in a year due to heavy snowfall so the best time we suggest you travel to this area is,

ishkomen valley ghizer | best place to explore in gilgit baltistan Tourist point

ISHKOMEN DISTRICT, GHIZER Ishkomen is a settlement as well as a Tehsil, known as Tehsil-e-ishkomen, that encompasses around 15 to 20 tiny villages. Ishkomen is a sizable community with more than 10,000 homes. and being home to a sizable population. Tehsil-e-ishkomen ishkomen is renowned for its natural beauty and rich culture. Kurumber Lake is the source of the Kurumbar River, which crosses Tehsil-e-ishkomen. The Tehsil-e-ishkomen area's important component is that it is connected to the Tajikistan border. Due to challenging roads, however, cars cannot cross the Pakistan-Tajikistan border, but people may travel on foot. It starts just after Hasis valley, the last village of the puniyal district, and the border between puniyal & ishkomen. Famani, Birgal, Chatorkhand, Dayen, Pakora, Chinara, Shines, bahrjungle, Gishgish, ishkomen, Immit, Badswat, and Bilhanz are a few of the villages in Tehsil-e-ishkomen. View of Birgal valley.  These all are very beautiful and plain villages, yo

Ghizer District | Best place to visit in giglit baltistan

  Ghizer district is the most attractive & most beautiful place in Gilgit Baltistan , the reason behind this beautifulness is the wide diameter, huge mountains & beautiful rivers of ghizer valley, the villages in ghizer are plane and wider as compared to villages in Hunza district, Astor district & Skardu district etc. People of Ghizer valley are very humble, very cooperative, and very welcoming, the hospitality of the local people is amazing, so you can not feel that you are in any new place, due to the respect and care by local people.  Hasis valley Ghizer   The ghizer district was formed in 1974 , which is the westmost part of Gilgit Baltistan , the capital of ghizer district is gahkuch which located in the middle of ghizer because it's situated in the middle where people from ishkomen, Yasin, gupis & puniyal could easily reach without any transport issues.  In ghizer there are mainly three languages has been spoken, shina , Khuwar   & Burushaski . there al

Shandur | best place to visit in July | Roof of the World

  Shandur top Shandur, also known as the roof of the world, located in Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa district Yasin-gupis. its height from sea level is 12200 feet , which is such an amazing height which this place have. the beauty of shandur is majestic you will wonder if you see the natural beauty of it.  Huge crowed enjoying polo match at shandur The clouds that cover above it increases its beauty, the greenery all around the mountains catches the hearts of tourists who visit this marvelous area of Pakistan. the weather always stays around 14 degrees, it never rises up, so it's obvious that you have to keep your warm clothes with you when you plan to visit shandur.  The most beautiful scene of shandur is, paragliding, the paragliders from all over the world and also paragliders of Pak Army also participates in these amazing performances to entertain the visitors which is very heart touching to watch.  Shandur Beauty As shandur is the best picnic point I have ever experienced in Pa

Attabad lake hunza the Best place to visit in Pakistan

        Although Pakistan is full of natural beauty, mostly in the northern region of Pakistan, which includes Gilgit Baltistan and KPK. the beauty of those regions is, these regions have all four kinds of weather in a year, have beautiful mountains , also have waterfalls, & they have wonderful rivers floating through it, etc. other then this there is a special place where every tourist wants to visit whenever they visit Gilgit Baltistan; that is, Attabad lake Hunza .  The beauty of this lake is that it's located in the right middle of two mountains, and the lake water is sky-blue.  Here is the best view of Attabad lake.  View of attabad lake from shishkat village History of Attabad lake Attabad lake is located in gojal and come into form on 4th January 2010 due to a landslide, the landslide killed 20 people and blocked the Hunza river for almost five months which formed a huge lake that covers 3 more villages due to stopping the flow of Hunza River. The lake now has a lengt

Life style of Himalayan ibex (markhor) in Pakistan

" Markhor ( Ibex )  is one of the largest, most beautiful & most magnificent members of the Caprine or goat family, and it is the official “ National Animal of Pakistan .” It has perhaps the most impressive horns of the family, with huge, spiraled, twisting horns that are either straight or flaring in outline. its scientific name is  Capra falconeri. " In Pakistan ibex are mostly found in the huge mountain s of Gilgit Baltistan, they live in mountains and survive in the coldest weather, sometimes they have to live in snow as well but they easily adjust to these conditions naturally, but what we see in recent times, the ibex population faces numerous threats across its ranges in Pakistan, from habitat loss to illegal hunting, climate change and lack of awareness about the species. however, as a result of the responsibility the local community and Gilgit Baltistan wildlife department have taken to protect the Himalayan ibex ,   their population is seen to be increasing &