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phander valley | tourist spot in ghizer GB, Pakistan

 Phander valley | Natural beauty at its best Phander valley is known for its natural beauty and its plain villages, located right before Chitral if you Travel from gahkuch valley.  the best place in phander is shandur, which is very famous not only in Pakistan but all over the world due to its height and the polo ground located in it. We have provided all details about the shandur polo festival & shandur lake on this website before, so you can go through it for any information needed about shandur valley. Beautiful view of phander valley From gilgit to phander It takes almost 5 hours from Gilgit city to reach phander valley by road by car or van, the reason for this taking too much time is the condition of the road which make it even more difficult to reach this heaven valley in district ghizer. the distance from Gilgit to gahkooch city is almost 75 kilometers then gahkooch to phander is almost 100 kilometers. so the distance to cover got even more difficult due to the road condit

Nalter Valley | most famous place for tourist in gilgit baltistan

 A most attractive place to visit in Pakistan summer view of nalter As we know that Pakistan has multiple tourism attractive places which are famous for their different specialties and people visit those places every year in very large quantity and enjoy their trips, just like these points, nalter valley in Gilgit Baltistan is also a famous place where tourist make their way to spend their vacations and to enjoy their family trip.  Nalter is the most beautiful valley and tourist point in Pakistan, it's located in Gilgit Baltistan , the distance of nalter valley is almost 35 km, and it takes almost 2 hours to reach Nalter from Gilgit city. Road condition from Gilgit city to the normal & then till Faizabad beautiful lake in nalter valley The valley is good but after that it's difficult and only 4×4 vehicles can reach to Nalter, other vehicles i.e cars, vans, buses, and other vehicles can't go through the road of nalter. So if one needs to go they must go through a jeep