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phander valley | tourist spot in ghizer GB, Pakistan

 Phander valley | Natural beauty at its best

Phander valley is known for its natural beauty and its plain villages, located right before Chitral if you Travel from gahkuch valley. 
the best place in phander is shandur, which is very famous not only in Pakistan but all over the world due to its height and the polo ground located in it. We have provided all details about the shandur polo festival & shandur lake on this website before, so you can go through it for any information needed about shandur valley.

Beautiful view of phander valley

From gilgit to phander

It takes almost 5 hours from Gilgit city to reach phander valley by road by car or van, the reason for this taking too much time is the condition of the road which make it even more difficult to reach this heaven valley in district ghizer. the distance from Gilgit to gahkooch city is almost 75 kilometers then gahkooch to phander is almost 100 kilometers. so the distance to cover got even more difficult due to the road conditions as I have mentioned above.

Suspension bridge at phander valley

Many accidents had been faced by the local people due to the rough condition of phnader roads. 
so it should be clear while going to phander valley, that you have an experienced local driver and he is well aware of the road condition. so it could be safer to travel through. When the journey starts from gahkooch valley the first beautiful valley that arrives is Hopper valley, it's famous for its tourist attraction locations. Local people always visit hopper valley to enjoy their holidays and spend quality time with their family and friends.

Best time to visit phander valley

As we all know that Northern areas of Pakistan are known for their winter weather, but in many places, the weather remains normal most of the year, so it's suitable to travel to Gilgit Baltistan in summer, but if you want to enjoy the winters and want to experience snowfall, so winters are the best times to visit Gilgit Baltistan.
But when we talk about phander valley it is the place where cold weather stays throughout the year, but in summer it got better to go through phander valley.
For a tourist, the best time to travel to phander is from April to October, because after October snowfall starts in most areas of phander, and chances of road blockage increase. 
Other than this service in the extremely cold weather would be a challenge for the tourists as well. 

The first beautiful valley when you reach phander

The best beauty of phander valley could be seen in summer because it's the time for fruits, vegetables, and crops in the area, so there would be more greenery and more attractive places to visit. One can have fresh fruits from plants, including apricots, peaches, apples, pears, walnut, grapes, etc. 
So it's clear that the best time to visit this place is summer, not winter to see the real Beauty of phander valley and to spend some quality time around the best and most beautiful place in Ghizer district Gilgit Baltistan. 

The place to stay overnight in phander valley

Just like other districts in Gilgit Baltistan, the phander area has also many guest houses waiting for tourists to serve them, some of the guest houses are very expensive and some of them are very reasonable in price, so one must inquire about the charges from the management of the guesthouse before staying at the place.
If you want a luxury guest house to stay in, the best is PTDC Motel, the best in the town, where you can get every facility from dining to staying in fresh rooms and having hot water to take a nap. 
Other cheap guesthouses might not provide these services. So the best choice would be PTDC. 

Things to do in phander

Trout fishing

Trout fishing at phander lake

Phander is famous for its natural beauty and plane surfaces & beautiful views located all over, so if you heading towards this beautiful place, so you must know that phander is famous for its trout fishing. 
So you must try to catch some trout in the sea, but keep in mind that the government has banned catching trout, but you can still catch some fish and enjoy the moments.

Best view of trout fishing

Hiking around the rocky mountains

Other than that, hiking around the Rickey mountains in phander valley is also famous, but you need guidance from dome local tour guides to choose the perfect place to hike around. 

Swimming in fresh running water

Swimming in fresh & and the coldest water would be the best activity one can do in this area because there are many small swimming areas present in phander where you can easily enjoy swimming in running water.

One of the best places in phander to stay overnight

Local cultural dance 

The best and funniest thing you can enjoy is a local dance with local people, I'd you have a sound system, you can invite a local person and dance with him to enjoy and experience the fabulous cultural dance of Gilgit Baltistan and spend some quality time, where you can easily manage and can dance with the locals.


Photography is the best activity you can have in this beautiful natural Beauty place. The photographer's view places are available all the way during traveling in phander valley, so you have to stop your car from time to time and experience the best photography and best views all the way. The rocky mountains and the greenery of the place provide a natural beauty to photographers to capture the real beauty of the place. 

Yoga & meditation

The best yoga or meditation can be performed in a place where one can get extreme peace and relaxation, so this place has zero disturbance, you just have to choose the best place somewhere around a running water channel or near the sea, and enjoy the best meditation or yoga ever done before.

These are some best practices you can do while traveling to phander valley,  so you have to spend at least 3 to 5 days in this area to completely enjoy the beauty and best practices of this place and make your trip fabulous also keep in mind that you must talk to some local tour guide as well because there are hundreds of other best place which are still to explore, so one might get more information from your guides as well.

You can contact us as well for more information and to get authentic insights into phander valley.
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