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Khalti lake ghizer | best place to visit in winters | gilgit baltistan

 Basic information about  khalti lake Ghizer Gupis.  Khalti lake is located in the gapis-Yasin district of Gilgit Baltistan , the northern region of Pakistan. It is one of the deepest lakes in Gilgit Baltistan, stretching for over 1.5 kilometers and surrounded by mountains on all sides. as the weather changes, The lake became frozen in winter, and people can easily walk or play games on it, which is unique but potentially dangerous because the snow could break at any time, but due to the extreme cold weather, i.e. -10 or more, the strength of the snow is quite high, and cars could be driven on that snowy lake, so you can imagine the strength of the snow on khalti lake. its height is 7274 ft from sea level. ice hockey tournament on khalti lake Every year, several sports events, including ice hockey or ice football, are held on Khalti Lake, attracting visitors from all around Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistan. Foreigners adore this location as well, and they participate in various games wh

Hussaini hanging bridge | Attrective place to visit in gilgit

  Overview Hanging bridge Hussaini The suspension bridge is a type of bridge where the corners of the bridge are not connected to the wall outside, that's why the bridge stays suspension bridge. it's controlled by the huge iron wire which makes that bridge suspension all the time. It moves side by side due to air pressure, and also when people travel through the bridge. So it remains dangerous to walk through the bridge . The length of this bridge is approximately 900 to 1000 feet, so one can imagine that how long the bridge is, & how much it could be difficult to cross.  Hussaini suspension bridge This type of bridge is very common in gilgit baltistan , and is found everywhere in this area because people always use these bridges to cross rivers and to their vehicles as well. These bridges can bear heavy loads as well, even loaded tractors can pass through these bridges as well. But in some cases these bridges have been made very weak, it's just to cross for pedestrian