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Best route to drive on, ghizer roads

    Gilgit baltistan is full of natural resources, natural beauty & attractive places, due to which people from all over the world visit gilgit baltistan  & explore it's hidden Beauty. it has normally four seasons which include blow mentioned seasons. Summer Winter Spring Autumn   Geographically GB is divided into three divisions , Diamer, Baltistan & Gilgit . All the villages of these three divisions are located between huge Mountains due to which traveling from one place to another place is not that easy because roads have been made right through mountains and it's really challenging to drive through these routes, especially for tourists who are new to these areas.  Here is a small video you can go through it to see how roads have been made from one village to other.  It's a video of Ghizer valley , one of the most beautiful and attractive places in Gilgit Baltistan but due to these tough road situations, tourists don't travel to the Ghizer area instead

Extreme Cold Weather areas of pakistan, Gilgit Baltistan.

Climate change and effects of cold weather in Gilgit Baltistan  Because of its geographical position, climate change is a big concern in Pakistan. In Pakistan, we have different types of weather in different areas. The ranges in the north-high mountains are quite icy in winter, but very pleasant from April to September. The enormous Indus valley plains are extremely hot in the summer and extremely frigid in the winter. So, when we talk about Gilgit Baltistan, there are different types of weather in different parts of the GB. Weather conditions in various places of Gilgit Baltistan In comparison to other locations, Hunza, ghizer, gojal, skardu, ishkomen, ganche, chilas, etc., the major city, i.e. Gilgit city, has quite regular weather in both winters and summers. As a result, as the distance from Gilgit city increased, the weather got extremely cold. For example, if the temperature in the major city is 10 degrees Celsius, it will be 5 degrees in Huza and -5 degrees on Khunjerab's to