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Murree views in heavy snowfall

 The geographical location of Murree. Travel Guide Pakistan Nearly two hours' travel separates Murree, which is in Pakistan's Punjab province, from Islamabad, the nation's capital. Green mountains and vegetation may be found throughout the area, and there are challenging routes with upward and descending directions, But because it is completely covered in greenery and you cannot sense the depth of the slopes, it does not appear to be scary. In order for us to realize that the entire area of more than 150 km is very beautiful and full of tourist attractions after the area of Murree finished, one other gorgeous location began in  Bhurban . in this blog of Pakistan travel guide, we will guide you through everything related to traveling to this area As we know that Murree is known for its beauty in summers, springs, and winters as well, due to its  geographical location.  It receives a huge amount of snow and rain in winter. The reason for greenery is the plants present in the