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Murree views in heavy snowfall

 The geographical location of Murree. Travel Guide Pakistan

Nearly two hours' travel separates Murree, which is in Pakistan's Punjab province, from Islamabad, the nation's capital.
Green mountains and vegetation may be found throughout the area, and there are challenging routes with upward and descending directions, But because it is completely covered in greenery and you cannot sense the depth of the slopes, it does not appear to be scary. In order for us to realize that the entire area of more than 150 km is very beautiful and full of tourist attractions after the area of Murree finished, one other gorgeous location began in Bhurban. in this blog of Pakistan travel guide, we will guide you through everything related to traveling to this area
As we know that Murree is known for its beauty in summers, springs, and winters as well, due to its geographical location. It receives a huge amount of snow and rain in winter. The reason for greenery is the plants present in the region, the specialty of those plants is, they remain green in every weather, that is extremely cold or extremely hot.

Hotels &  Accomodations

Since tourism is one of the key sources of income and business for Murree and Bhurban, hotels and restaurants are among the main ventures for both local and foreign investors. Therefore, you can find restaurants with low prices as well as high prices and high standards. For instance, the PC Hotel in Bhurban is one of the city's top restaurants for upper-class patrons, and there are thousands of additional spots with affordable prices as well. However, there are also many very low-cost options available for those who cannot afford high prices.

So you don't have to worry if you want a typical, middle-class place to stay for a few hours or days because you can easily obtain it right there, however, we advise you to make a reservation online as you head near Murre. For the elite class, you must book it before going to Murree because there aren't many high-class restaurants and the slots tend to be full most of the time, so it's better to reserve the seat in advance so you may enjoy the hotel to the best.

9th January incident

On January 9 and 10, 2022, Murree and other nearby places had about 5 feet of snowfall, which resulted in multiple fatalities and serious injuries. It's important to check the weather or take safety precautions before traveling to Murree or Burban, as our travel guide of Pakistan makes us aware of such situations therefore according to news sources, 21 people have died as a result of severely cold weather at night. Victims were stuck in their vehicles and didn't make it to the hotel or their intended destination. the hotel owners charged too many extra charges to those people who somehow reach the nearest hotels, and we experience inhuman behavior from the hotel owners in murree at that time, which cause even more casualties. 

Due to heavy snowfall vehicles stuck in the snow in Murree 

Murree in summers 

somehow after that incident people were frightened to visit murree and bhurban which cause a huge loss for hotels and other local businesses. but we know the beauty and attraction of the area in summer is unique, therefore people from all over Pakistan and all over the world prefer to visit Murree and other areas of Gilgit Baltistan and kpk as well, because that area contains such a beautiful and attractive atmosphere all the way, so that became the first choice for tourists to spend some quality time with their family and love once. 


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