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Karachi To Bhurban Visit


My Recent Visit To Bhurban Murree From Karachi

Pc hotel bhurban


Because of two events that occurred in my life, the last month (Sep 2022) was one of the best ones for me. The first is obvious—it's birthday month—and, I receive a lot of love from those around me. However, there was another reason, I went to Bhurban, Murree, Pakistan's top tourist destination.
In essence, it was a tour for an event conducted at the PC (Pearl Continental Hotel), to which we were invited especially due to our product (Story Cam) in order to make the event more engaging. The purpose of sharing this experience with you is to aware of the conditions, road structure & other information, which we usually share on the Pakistan Travel Guide blog.

And The Journey Begins

So, it was a typical workday. I was preoccupied with my clients when my supervisor suddenly entered and informed me that I needed to travel to Murree with my other two colleges to cover an event.
I assumed at first that he was joking because he somehow plays jokes on me as well, but when I realized that it was actually an event and that I had to go to Bhurban, I was overjoyed and started inquiring more about the tour so i can prepare my self for the visit. because i also work as a vlogger (not so famous), but still you need some types of equipment with you to record the moments you visit.

The following morning, we flew from the airport in Karachi to Bhurban. We arrived in Islamabad in less than two hours, which was really amazing considering that I usually travel by bus or train, but this was an incredible experience. so after reaching the capital city Islamabad, we first taste the famous breakfast (nashta) and started our journey to bhurban that is 2.5 hour's drive away from the capital city, so we drove to Burban from Islamabad and eventually reached PC hotel bhurban after a few hours.

Nights in Bhurban

We stayed in Bhurban for over three days, and it was the nicest experience I've ever had because of the city's cool environment and upscale amenities.

Traveling has always been enjoyable for me, so this was the ideal opportunity for me to explore a new location. I started my exploration by leaving my hotel the next day early in the morning. I strolled through the streets and went too far, but I wasn't tired because I was enjoying every moment with our local music
So the thing i realize is, you need proper rest and sleep if you want to enjoy your tour to the fullest because when you get tired you can't enjoy and your body will not give you permission for traveling and enjoy the moments, when you got fresh you can get more out of it.

I felt a little terrible for those people who lost their lives in a snow-related disaster that happened here last winter. Even the hotel owners admitted that their business has not recovered from that incident.
So we have to learn from those incidents that money is not everything, so we have to respect each other, and if you are involved in any kind of business you have to charge a fair amount, not like the hotel owners did at the time of the incident. Now they are paying for it because they lose all their customers & business. 

Make sure these, while planning to visit Murree.
I recommend people, do visit murre and Bhurban on their vacations but make sure you study the weather conditions and avoid going in winter because the height of the area needs too much energy and fuel to reach the top and also you must have some serious skills of driving to control your vehicle on these kinds of roads, also your health conditions should be good to bear the harsh weather because we know most people live in warm weather areas so its necessary to take precautionary measures to avoid any mishap. so keep the routine medicine with you,i.e (panadol, fylagel, dicloran, etc), I am not a doctor or health expert but these are commonly used medicine for headache, fever, and stomach ache. so keeping these with you can stop you from worrying about your health while traveling.

Ending up

Therefore, following a successful and lucrative event, we began to wind down our tour of Bhurban. We closed all of the equipment, began packing our bags, and prepared for check-out. Since we were currently without a car, we once more reserved a carry daba (Bolan). We then started our drive to Islamabad.

On the way to Islamabad, the driver pulled over in the middle of a mountain and showed us a gashtline (chashma). There was no river nearby and no snow anywhere, but the water was still gushing out of the rocks, which left us in awe and inspired us to reflect on nature. After continuing on, it took us 2.5 hours to get to Islamabad.

So if you want to know more about the journey you can visit my youtube channel & you can contact me as well, i am sharing my channel link below.

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