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Khunjerab National Park | best place to visit in pakistan

 Overview Khunjerab national park is located at the pak-china border at khunjerab with a height of 17000ft, it is part of gojal upper Hunza Gilgit Baltistan. It is Pakistan's third-largest park Pakistan.  Khunjerab pak-china border Khunjerab national park   History Khunjerab national park has been was established on 29th April 1975 by the printer of the time Syed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.  The reason for establishing such a huge park is to protect snow leopards & bharals found in the mountains of khunjerab valley.  To help animals from hunting, WWF created a committee named "khujerab village organization" that looks after the wild animals and informs WWF about any illegal hunting of snow leopards and other animals on the premises of khunjerab . The committee was formed due to the illegal hunting of wild animals by locals and tourists, so after the committee came into being, the illegal hunting was reduced and the animals became safer. Geographical location Khunjerab natio