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Khalti lake ghizer | best place to visit in winters | gilgit baltistan

 Basic information about khalti lake Ghizer Gupis. 

Khalti lake is located in the gapis-Yasin district of Gilgit Baltistan, the northern region of Pakistan. It is one of the deepest lakes in Gilgit Baltistan, stretching for over 1.5 kilometers and surrounded by mountains on all sides. as the weather changes, The lake became frozen in winter, and people can easily walk or play games on it, which is unique but potentially dangerous because the snow could break at any time, but due to the extreme cold weather, i.e. -10 or more, the strength of the snow is quite high, and cars could be driven on that snowy lake, so you can imagine the strength of the snow on khalti lake. its height is 7274 ft from sea level.

ice hockey tournament on khalti lake

Every year, several sports events, including ice hockey or ice football, are held on Khalti Lake, attracting visitors from all around Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistan. Foreigners adore this location as well, and they participate in various games when there.

The uneven roads of Ghizer are something to be concerned about. Khalti Lake is about a three-hour journey from Gilgit and stretches over 120 kilometres. So, if the roads improve in the future, as we see, the new road is under construction, the journey will be limited to only 1.5 hour drive from the capital Gilgit city, making it extremely convenient for travelers to visit and enjoy the magnificent surroundings of this site, as well as many other tourist destinations.
satellite image of Gilgit to khalti lake route

It is situated between the majestic mountains of Khalti village. It's also known for trout fishing; people like fishing in Khalti Lake, and anyone can easily catch a lot of fish since the amount of fish in the lake has risen, and the taste of the fish is also better than farm fish. That is why people from various districts of Gilgit Baltistan come to khalti lake and adjacent regions to fish. Visitors spend their time on Khilti Lake since it is also a great area for picnics and gatherings. The people of Khilti Village are highly cooperative and have amazing hospitality.

The exit of khalti lake

Khalti lake 😍

Things you should know about khalti lake

It's a fantastic fishing spot in Ghizer Valley, and it's also known as the trout fish hub because of the huge number of trout in Khalti Lake. So, if you want to go fishing while traveling via Khalti Lake, you need to prepare yourself.

It's about a one-hour trip from Gahkooch Valley and around a three-hour journey from Gilgit.

In the winter, the lake is entirely frozen, and vehicles and tractors may go through it on the massive glaciers.

Summer is the best season to visit Khalti Lake, but winter has its own beauty as well, so those who appreciate snowfall, skating, ice hockey, or other winter sports can definitely visit the Ghizer area in winter because their wishes may easily be satisfied.

The PTDC guesthouse may be the closest option for a night's stay, however, other options are available.

Khalti lake view

Breathtaking view of khalti lake

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