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Ghizer District | Best place to visit in giglit baltistan

 Ghizer district is the most attractive & most beautiful place in Gilgit Baltistan, the reason behind this beautifulness is the wide diameter, huge mountains & beautiful rivers of ghizer valley, the villages in ghizer are plane and wider as compared to villages in Hunza district, Astor district & Skardu district etc. People of Ghizer valley are very humble, very cooperative, and very welcoming, the hospitality of the local people is amazing, so you can not feel that you are in any new place, due to the respect and care by local people. 

Hasis valley Ghizer 

The ghizer district was formed in 1974, which is the westmost part of Gilgit Baltistan, the capital of ghizer district is gahkuch which located in the middle of ghizer because it's situated in the middle where people from ishkomen, Yasin, gupis & puniyal could easily reach without any transport issues. 

In ghizer there are mainly three languages has been spoken, shina, Khuwar  & Burushaski. there also wakhi & Tajik speaking also present in some areas of ghizer, and shina is know as the National language of gilgit baltistan as well.

Glodas valley


Ghizer has very diversified history, as there was (RAJA) king system in ghizer which is also known as FCR system where there was a king who was responsible to make decisions on every issue but when Zulfiqar ali Bhutto, ex-president of Pakistan visited Gilgit Baltistan, he abolished the FCR system and made tehsils in every district in Gilgit which was a great initiative by ZAB.
the resident and commissioner of the time, ijlal Hussain played an important role in creating this administrative setup in Gilgit Baltistan as he fulfilled the directions given by Zulfiqar ali Bhutto.
the major portion of the ghizer district was ruled by Raja shah brush, khan bahadur Akber khan, raja merbaz khan, etc. 

Historically two main characteristics of the heritage of ghizer is (Khoi) & (shoka). the Khoi items have been made of woolen cloths and shoka is a homespun woolen cloak reaching to the ankle with long sleeves. 
the ghizer district is mainly known for its landscape and lakes. 

It has five tehsils, 
  1. puniyal
  2. ishkomen
  3. yasin
  4. gupis
  5. phander
Google map of Ghizer valley

Ghizer district is full of natural resources and natural beauty, i.e it has lakes, beautiful mountains, huge and plane villages. the fruits and vegetables are also found in ghizer where people grow these vegetables and fruits in their fields. despite all this beauty and attraction tourists still do not visit the ghizer district much, the reason behind this is the road from Gilgit city towards the ghizer district, which is well damaged everywhere through ghizer, due to this transport issue ghizer valley is not witnessing many tourists from outside. if the road issues are fixed soon then ghizer will be most visited place by tourist and it will be the first priority of tourists from all over Pakistan and from outside Pakistan. 

famous places in ghizer valley

there are many historic & famous places & tourist points present in ghizer district, 
Kurumber lake
Hundur, village of Nishan-e-haider
Hopper valley
Hasis valley  
Kanche bridge
Sherqila fort.

Pride of Ghizer GB

As we all are familiar with the name of our national hero, late. Lalik Jan, the Nishan-e-Haider holder of Pakistan, his village is also present in district Ghizer, which is known as hundur valleys. 

Lalik Jan tomb Hundur Yasin

The tomb of Lalik Jan is located in his home village after he became the 10th Nishan-e-Haider holder for Pakistan, which is a proud thing for all Gilgit Baltistan, especially for Ghizer. 

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